Accounts Receivable Management


Through our sister company, FDR, we have been providing third party receivable recovery programs to North America’s largest credit grantors since 1991. Executing successfully recovery programs that utilize cutting edge technology, ridged compliance, and top-level security has been a big factor in why North America’s leading credit grantors chose FDR.

At Agility One Outsourcing we are committed to providing value to our clients every day through a similar approach.  The key to our success and what has made FDR a leader in North America recovery programs can be seen in three distinct areas:

  • Compliance
  • Security
  • Technology

We have a fully staffed Compliance Department who makes sure that all State, Federal, Provincial regulations and guidelines are met.

Agility One Outsourcing is PCI Certified and ISO compliant and our I.T Security is audited on a monthly basis by some of North America’s largest Credit Grantors. Security at FDR is our highest priority and we manage our client’s portfolios with the protection of their information as the highest priority.

Agility has a state of the art, award winning telephony, speech analytics and IVR system that provides our clients recovery programs with the highest contacts and recovery dollars in the industry. We are specialists in the following area:

  • Early Out Programs
  • Pre-Charge Off
  • Post-Charge Off (1stthrough 5th tier assignments)
  • Attorney Collection Services (Link to Attorney Collection Page)
  • Skip Tracing

In today’s highly competitive corporate world, optimal utilization of time plays a crucial role to lead the business towards sustainable growth. Small to mid-sized and rapidly growing businesses, financial services such as accounts receivable management consumes the considerable time of your human resources, ultimately affecting the efficient functioning of the business. Agility, is a leading accounts receivable outsourcing company and is dedicated to maximizing the efficiencies and thereby saving valuable time so that our clients can focus on growing their business.

The key to a successful business relies on an efficient cash flow process; the higher the cash flow, the greater the probability of enhanced profitability. With over 25 years of accounts receivable management experience, Agility’s expert professionals, can optimize your accounts receivable process so that you don’t have to worry about the financial operations of your business. Outsourcing accounts receivable can enable you to:

  • Reduce Days Sales Outstanding (DSO)
  • Reduce cash collection shortfalls
  • Reduce A/R adjustments and bad debt write-offs
  • Gain visibility into receivables transactions
  • Focus on your core business activities rather than being stuck in back-office processes
  • Ensure more effective credit controls are in place
  • Maintain healthier accounts by lowering the revenue costs
  • Rectify unallocated cash values
  • Reduce the operational costs as well as overheads
  • Access flexible workforce for quick and easy decision making in order to meet business requirements
  • Access more consistent customer interaction and communication, which ultimately enhances your customer base
  • Maximize collections by offering extensive Credit control
  • Improve the overall productivity