Corporate & Social Responsibility

Agility One Outsourcing is committed to being one of North America’s most ethically responsible organizations.Reduce Reuse Recycle Footprint

Through our Environmental and Sustainable Development Policies, we are always evolving our corporate commitments with a demonstrated strategy to lead Canada’s BPO Industry in protecting our piece of earth’s resources. We continue to move toward a paperless environment to limit the use of Canada precious resources.

At Agility we have implemented a program that allows us to minimize the use of paper unless absolutely necessary. We continue to recycle office supplies such as ink cartridges, cardboard boxes, telephones and computers.

    To our employees as well state of the art technology clean and safe environment, necessary training and tools to be successful through advancement and opportunities to advance within the org.

    Dedication to Diversity

    At Agility, diversity and inclusion is of utmost importance. We believe that there is value in every person and what they contribute. To promote this within our workplace environment we foster an open-minded approach and global company culture. We continue to make sure our environment is welcoming and understanding of every person who is part of our workplace so that colleagues, clients and customers are upholding these values during non-working hours as well.

    Five ways we promote diversity:

    1. Educating ourselves on cultural traditions and approaches to work, and keep up to date with global events and international politics.
    2. Creating a workplace where different perspectives are valued and embracedcan go a long way to foster productive business relationships.
    3. Promoting diversity and developing a global mindset through cross-cultural understanding.
    4. Actively seek out new perspectives and ideas.
    5. Contribute to the cultural diversity of your own workplace.

    There continues to be a stigma globally about female discrimination and leadership in the workplace. At Agility we take the opportunity to create a fair and equitable workplace that takes advantages of the strengths all genders bring to management and leadership.

    Shaping Future Minds

    At Agility we believe that the future is shaped by the young minds of today. With offer training programs and summer positions for University Students across North America.

    Five ways we promote female leadership roles:
    1. Closing the wage gap difference
    2. Ensuring that a work/life balance, parenting, juggling many responsibilities and multitasking is possible.
    3. Having a team of HR where people are comfortable speaking about any discrimination etc.
    4. Addressing these issues as soon as they are presented and keeping an open eye to interactions in the workplace.
    5. Ensuring there is a balance in leadership teams between all genders and having those voices be recognized to promote creativity and collaboration.

    As a 2021 initiative we intend to promote all genders, specifically females and LGTBQ as well as cultural diversity in leadership roles to the best of our abilities.